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Kancelaria Radziejewski Wiśniewski & Partnerzy Spółka Partnerska was founded to combine capabilities offered by the Office of Legal Counsel and Tax Adviser - Leszek Radziejewski - and the Advocate Office of Artur Wiśniewski.
In 2008, the professional partnership of Leszek Radziejewski, a legal counsel, and Artur Wiśniewski, an advocate, singled out from the Kancelaria Górecki Radziejewski Wiśniewski Spółka Cywilna. In 2008, the Company was joined by new partners who nowadays provide you with professional skills and assistance in all areas of law.
The Company provides legal assistance for natural persons, legal persons and organisational units having no legal personality, involving in particular:
• providing advice, consultation and legal clarification (including the field of tax liabilities),
• preparing legal opinions,
• carrying out legal and litigation representation,
• defending criminal and penal revenue cases,
• drafting all kinds of papers and documents,
• keeping on behalf and for taxpayers (including payers, collectors) tax books and other records for tax purposes,
• preparing tax return forms and providing assistance in this regard.
The company also provides services in the field of tax consultancy, due to the fact that the legal counsel Leszek Radziejewski is also a tax advisor.
Kancelaria Radziejewski Wiśniewski & Partnerzy has excellent experience in providing legal services for commercial entities (entrepreneurs). The previous experience gained by the employees of Kancelaria in this area is very important and translates into success in such matters.
The office provides legal services for multiple entities and commercial enterprises, including companies located outside of the Lubuskie Voivideship and companies with foreign capital. We provide services for many private and public institutions, including local authorities as well as government agencies of the Republic of Poland.
Due to the tax advisors and accounting experts present in Kancelaria, it is possible to thoroughly view legal problems and their tax consequences, and to provide an appropriate accounting qualification of events.
International cooperation is an inherent part of our comprehensive legal services. With the help of our German and English-speaking lawyers, we cooperate with lawyers, tax advisors, and institutions of commercial and public law from other European Union Member States.

The tax office provides comprehensive services for commercial entities in the field of:
- tax consulting,
- full and simplified bookkeeping,
- keeping VAT records,
- preparation of tax return forms,
- services related to personnel, remuneration, and social security settlements,
- assistance in business registration.

Foreign legal assistance

Legal office represented by our partner - advocate Artur Wiśniewski - practises legal representing and consulting for firms and individuals before the german courts, prosecutors offices amd the other institutions located in Germany. He offers comprehensive legal assistance especially in the field of civil, criminal, economic and transport law. Also, He provides his services in cross-boarder polish and german law.

Through cooperation with many foreign legal offices We're prepared to represent Your dealings directly before the courts and the other institutions in European Union.

Tax back from UE

We also provide legal assistance in Tax Back from UE for individuals working abroad and VAT return for firms.

We offer You among others:
- complex information about how to get Your tax back,
- calculation of estimated tax back, based on submited documents,
- Further procedure of tax back.

We offer tax back services from the following countries:
- Germany
- Netherlands
- Great Britain 

The partner who is reponsible for the tax back is advocate Artur Wiśniewski.

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